PropTech: Residz


With 25 million Australians occupying and working across 15.7 million properties…

… getting data associated for any purpose (such as fraud, risk and wellbeing data) is a big task, and a task that no other spatial product can handle. SpatialCRM enabled Residz to operate as a viable start-up.

Using SpatialCRM, a solution was created for property website, Residz.

Residz utilised SpatialCRM to combine geo-location technology to map every single property in Australia and combined complex location-based data sets to each address.

Geo-Location Data Sets

The multitude of risk, lifestyle, safety and health data sets available through the Residz platform include, but are not limited to:

– House price and property value data
– School catchment areas and academic results
– Bushfire, flood and hail risk
– Subsidence risk
– Transport routes
– Community health and wellbeing factors
– Proximity to points of interest

Why it works…

SpatialCRM offered the capability to standardise the required information by format, and then index by location. This created a data set that was both simple to use and easy to understand, giving the users meaningful insights into any given property in Australia through the Residz platform.

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