Fraud: Welfare & Benefit Payments

Every country in the world has been hit by the recent virus, and most have made generous benefit payments to citizens.

From a country management perspective, where has this money gone? For example, a single property may have made multiple claims. How do we know that these multiple claims are correct and consistent with the number of claimants?

Using SpatialCRM, we are able to add these benefit payments to the exact property, unit or commercial building across the country.

SpatialCRM combined with other property data such as number of bedrooms, commercial footprint and number of employees can be used to identify anomalies in the claim system.

Located-based data, filtered by actual property data, number of citizens and employees generating accurate claim expectation data.

Why has property X with three bedrooms claimed for 10 people? Why has a commercial property with a footprint of 50sqm claimed for 10 people? SpatialCRM offers the technology to finally answers these questions across entire countries.

Why it works…

SpatialCRM offered the capability to standardise the required information by format, and then index by location. This created a data set that was both simple to use and easy to understand, giving the users meaningful insights into any government across the world through the SpatialCRM platform.

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