Banking: Lloyds Bank

With over half a million commercial customers across the UK, how do we manage the activities of our sales people and their efficiency?

From a sales management perspective it is great to see positive quarterly sales results. However, with so many potential customers and leads coming from other divisions of the bank, how can we increase efficiency, optimise performance and maximise yield?

Using SpatialCRM, we built the world’s most effective sales management platform.

SpatialCRM combined and visualised the location of Lloyds Bank customers, lost opportunities and potential future sales. In addition to this, the sales team utilised SpatialCRM to optimise their route planning based around lead potential and subsequently maximising profitability, benefiting both the bank and their commission scores.

Located-based data, filtered by activity and profitability

Lloyds Bank targeted most industries across the UK, however some yielded greater profitability due to the size and some yielded greater profitability due to the nature of their business. SpatialCRM enabled all of these factors to be understood and optimised and delivered back to the sales team on mobile devices, enabling business intelligence to be integrated into sales activities.

Why it works…

SpatialCRM offered the capability to standardise the required information by format, and then index by location. This created a data set that was both simple to use and easy to understand, giving the users meaningful insights into any given business in the UK through the SpatialCRM platform.

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