Use Cases


A hybrid of both portal and data-based platforms, Residz uses geo-location technology to combine a multitude of data points for every single property in Australia, in one place.

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LGA services traditionally relate to the address location, so through the utilisation of SpatialCRM there is now a platform that can match the service required to the physical address, rather than an individual contact.

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Lloyds Bank

To maximise profitability, SpatialCRM combined and visualised the location of Lloyds Bank customers, lost opportunities and potential future sales to aid in route planning for lead and sales potential.

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Welfare & Benefit Payments

Governments need to monitor financial aid that is distributed during times of crisis, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic. SpatialCRM offers the ability to attribute support to a single address, enabling monitoring capability to prevent fraud.

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Everyday Customer Locations

Processing available customer data in relation to a location enables a much more informed view that can be utilised for targeted marketing, product mix, supply logistics, store planning, and new customer acquisition.

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